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Find community groups, businesses, and individuals who are taking action against the effects of the Earth crisis in Norwich.

This directory highlights local efforts, why they matter, and how people can get involved.

The Norwich Eco Hub goal is to connect people with like-minded individuals and organizations who are working to make a difference in the community.
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A community where we work together to create a more sustainable and resilient local economy through cooperation, fairness, and the wise use of resources while respecting the living world around us

What's on in Norwich

Norwich is a fantastic city for groups working to address the Earth crisis and promote better living and taking action to tackle the environmental challenges we face and inspire others to get involved.

These groups often host inspiring talks, community actions, and events that bring people together to learn and have a positive impact. ​

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Our projects

Norwich Eco Hub is actively working to create partnerships and co-develop local projects that promote the sustainable development goals.
Organised by Climate Museum UK

Possitopia Festival

This November 2023, everyone is invited to take part in creative activities to imagine and build the future we want to see for Norwich and the planet.

Possitopia is better than Utopia because it’s a possible place we can really make, if we can imagine it, and it responds to the real challenges facing our planet. It's also better than a Dystopia because it can be healthy, green, caring and safe.

It's part of the Possitopia Norwich programme, led by Bridget McKenzie, founder of Climate Museum UK. Most of the creative activities are free of charge, and a few are requesting a small donation. They are in venues across the City, with several in the Millennium Library and in the Quaker Meeting House. Dates, venues and booking details can be found on this Facebook event - click the button below.

Shared Premises

Repurposing a space in central Norwich for shared community use, for groups interested in working together and accessing a city space that would otherwise be beyond their means
Would you make use of such a space?

The Eco Hub Podcast

"Possitopia happens when we all come together and imagine the very best place that we can make while opening our imagination to how bad things can get." - Bridget Mckenzie, founder of Possitopia Norwich and Climate Museum UK, and co-founder of Culture Declares
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