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Our lovely city and its beautiful nature need our help. The Eco Expedition is your chance to take small but mighty steps to make a big difference against climate change and pollution. Each of the quests below will show you a way to take action to help the planet, and learn about climate and biodiversity.

Most of the quests will only take a few minutes and you’ll be able to do them at home, or as you’re doing other things outside.

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2023 Eco Expedition Quests

New quests were sent by email every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the 2023 summer holiday. Here are all of them.

Quest 1: T-shirt Transformation

Quest Giver: ReDo Norfolk CIC ReDo Norfolk CIC are on a mission to rescue things from going to waste. They organise events and workshops, such as sewing lessons, second-hand clothes

Quest 2: Spot a Six-Spot Burnet

Quest Giver: Greenpeace Norwich Greenpeace Norwich help share global and national environmental campaigns. Their dedication to protecting our planet is awe-inspiring, and they really care about empowering people to learn

Quest 3: Use your Loaf

Quest Giver: Food Savvy Norfolk Throwing away food is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. When we waste food, it’s not just the food we’re wasting, it’s the

Quest 4: Letters to Tomorrow

Quest Giver: Norwich Friends of the Earth This is our friendly local branch of national group Friends of the Earth. They are dedicated to protecting and sustaining the natural environment

Quest 5: Feel the Earth Under Your Feet

Quest Giver: Nature Connect Team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind The Nature Connect team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind works to foster a deeper connection between people and nature. They

Quest 6: Eco-Scavenger Hunt

Quest Giver: Climate Museum UK Climate Museum UK is an experimental museum that curates and gathers responses to the Earth crisis. A collective of creatives from across the UK, with

Quest 7: The Rubbish Challenge

Quest Giver: Girlguiding Norwich Division Girlguiding Norwich Division, knows how important it is to create a sustainable future for young people. They promote recycling, using sustainable packaging, and increasing energy

Quest 8: Bees and Blooms

Quest Giver: Friends of Waterloo Park Friends of Waterloo Park are a group of local residents who have come together to enhance the beautiful and historic Waterloo Park and to

Quest 9: The Return of the Enigmatic Burnet

Quest Giver: Norwich Writers Rebel Norwich Writers Rebel, is a collective of writers using the power of words to address the climate and ecological emergency. The Return of

Quest 10: Share Joy and Donate a Toy

Quest Giver: maNGOma maNGOma, a local charity with a global reach, helps communities thrive by directly supporting their projects and initiatives. maNGOma works directly with small groups in poorer countries

Quest 11: Postcards to the Earth

Quest Giver: St Peter Mancroft Nestled in the heart of our city, St Peter Mancroft is more than just a building – it’s a centre of community and eco-awareness. From

Quest 12: Find your favourite spot to enjoy nature

Quest Giver: Rach Anstey-Sanders Rach makes artwork and leads creative workshops that draw people’s attention to the natural world and our relationship with it. She loves talking to people about

Quest 13: Draw Delicious Plants

Quest Giver: Norwich Vegans Norwich Vegans are here to show us the wonderful world of plant-based foods. They provide information, organise social meet-ups and larger vegans events to reach more

Quest 14: Give Waste a Ssecond Life

Quest Giver: Dunia Motif Dunia Motif is a remarkable artist living in Norwich and originally from Malaysia, who makes colours and fabric dyes from kitchen waste, like onion skins, tea

Quest 15: Nature’s Touch

Quest Giver: Friends of Train Wood and Marriott’s Way Let’s meet a wonderful group of people who look after one of Norwich’s most unique areas, with its railway remains, woodland,

Quest 16: Who Represents You

Quest Giver: Norfolk Global Neighbours Norfolk Global Neighbours is all about engaging with important global issues and how we can affect them from right here in Norfolk. They tackle topics

Quest 17: Planetary Partners

Quest Giver: SYSTA:SCI CommA SYSTA:SCI CommA stands for “Share Your Story Through Arts: Science, Creativity, Interdisciplinary Communication Artivism.” SYSTA uses art plus activism to bring about change. Planetary Partners is

Did you know that even small actions can have a big impact on the health of our planet?

Every time you cycle somewhere, or eat something grown here in Norfolk, you are helping to protect our environment. And when lots of people do these small things together, we can have a huge impact!

The Eco Expedition is all about taking small steps that add up to big changes.

Your quest might be to create something new from old clothes, count how many bees you meet in one day, or listen to a story about trees and retell it to someone. Track how many quests you do on a special chart and find out which type of eco-action suits you best.


Draw your favourite tree

Chloe, age 7

Make a bug hotel

Harry, age 9

Add tassels to an old t-shirt

Evie, age 12

As an eco adventurer, you have the power
to make a difference.

We believe that everyone can do their part to protect the planet. By joining the Eco Expedition, you’ll become part of a community of young people who are working together to create a better, healthier world.

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