Quest Giver: Norwich Writers Rebel

Norwich Writers Rebel, is a collective of writers using the power of words to address the climate and ecological emergency.

The Return of the Enigmatic Burnet

Wield the mighty pen or keyboard and become the storyteller of an enchanting narrative. Another quest in this series asks you to look for a six-spot burnet. If it has eluded you so far, this is the moment to turn it into a protagonist.

Your quest is to write a story about the six-spot burnet and why it’s not coming out to see us. Is it shy, or busy? Has it gone on an adventure away from Norwich? Is it looking for that special sweet flower somewhere else? Or, has it just been hiding away from the rain in its cosy home? Your story can be as long or short as you want. It could even be a poem. Go wild with your imagination and get writing!

Why It’s Important

Crafting stories is more than just a quest; it’s a doorway to a realm where creativity knows no bounds. Writing has proven benefits of helping to process feelings and to really stop and notice things around us. It helps us to be more creative, feel calmer and connect with emotions and the world around us.
Completing a poem or story helps us to feel really proud of ourselves. Sharing it can feel scary sometimes, but when you take the leap, it’s so satisfying.