Quest Giver: maNGOma

maNGOma, a local charity with a global reach, helps communities thrive by directly supporting their projects and initiatives.

maNGOma works directly with small groups in poorer countries to help them make their projects happen.

By bringing clean water to remote villages, making sure children have access to doctors, and educating girls, maNGOma’s international partners make the world better for many people.

Share Joy and Donate a Toy

This quest is all about sharing a bit of joy and making a small but meaningful impact. You know those toys tucked away in a corner, waiting for some playtime, that you just don’t enjoy that much anymore? They can find new adventures with someone else.

If you have a toy that you’re not interested in anymore but is still in good shape, pass it on to a charity shop.

Why It’s Important

By doing this, you’re achieving two wonderful things at once. First, you’re giving someone else the chance to enjoy that toy without having to buy it brand new. This keeps an old toy out of landfill and it means a new one doesn’t need to be made. Overall, fewer resources get used up.

Second, when they buy the toy in the charity shop, the money goes on to support the charity’s important work. There are charities that help animals (PACT Animal Sanctuary, RSPCA, Hallswood), that support people with various health issues or disabilities (British Heart Foundation, Big C, NANSA, Sense, Scope), or that work internationally to help end poverty (Oxfam). They and many others have shops throughout Norwich and will gladly accept your donation if it’s clean and not broken.