Quest Giver: Friends of Waterloo Park

Friends of Waterloo Park are a group of local residents who have come together to enhance the beautiful and historic Waterloo Park and to enrich the community spirit already present in the area.

They know gardening has to change to reflect changes in the climate, so they are developing drought resistant flower beds, planting wildflower meadows and focusing on bee-friendly plants such as lavender, verbascum, echinacea, salvia, sedum, thyme, stachys, marjoram and lemon balm.

Bees and Blooms

This quest asks you to head outside to your nearest park or garden and wander along a flower bed. Pause to observe the delightful dance of the bees and count how many of them you spot. Have you noticed how some flowers seem to be more interesting to them than others? Why do you think that happens?

Why It’s Important

Having bees around is a very, very good thing. As pollinators, they are vital to many of the crops and vegetables we eat every day. Having bee-friendly flowers around will keep the bees happy and healthy.