Quest Giver: Girlguiding Norwich Division

Girlguiding Norwich Division, knows how important it is to create a sustainable future for young people. They promote recycling, using sustainable packaging, and increasing energy efficiency.

Their programmes encourage girls to embark on environmental adventures such as Recycling for Rainbows, Zero Waste for Brownies, and Upcycling
for Guides. Through the Future Girl project, their members aspire to be true Planet Protectors, yearning for a world where plastic pollution in our oceans is reduced, and recycling and reusing become a way of life.

The Rubbish Challenge

For one day, collect all your household rubbish in one place. In the evening have a look at how much waste your family made that day. Does the amount surprise you? Is there anything being thrown away which could now be reused in your home for another purpose?

Sort out everything that can be recycled and put it in your recycling bin or take it to a soft plastics collection point. Have a conversation about what changes you can all make to what you buy to make less waste.

Why It’s Important

By reducing our waste, we will have less impact on our precious planet, use up fewer resources and see less plastics polluting our oceans.