Quest Giver: Climate Museum UK

Climate Museum UK is an experimental museum that curates and gathers responses to the Earth crisis. A collective of creatives from across the UK, with a cluster in Norfolk, they help people play, create, and talk about the crisis. In Norwich, they run a programme getting people to imagine a green, safe and healthy future for the City, Possitopia Norwich.

Eco-Scavenger Hunt

Put on your eco glasses and prepare for a walk like no other. You’ll be seeking ten items from the first scavenger list below. Each discovery earns you 10 points, and once you reach 100 points, you can move to the second level, with a harder list of ten eco finds. 
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1. Someone gardening.
2. Lichen.
3. A bee.
4. Solar power.
5. Vegan symbol.
6. Recycling symbol.
7. Bike lane.
8. Migratory bird (like a swift).
9. Protest sign or poster.
10. Nettles.

1. Evidence of horse-drawn transport in the past.
2. A person from history who worked for others to have healthier, safer and more equal lives.
3. An industry or product using local materials or crops.
4. A protected or endangered species of plant or animal.
5. A sign of climate change affecting plants, soil or buildings.
6. An advert for fossil fuels (and talk about it).
7. Somebody wearing an upcycled or mended garment.
8. An ancient or veteran tree (and identify it).
9. A family of water fowl.
10. A planet-kind group or action you could support. (If you don’t see this on a walk, ask a friend or go online).

Why It’s Important

As you walk, you will find evidence of climate action, and celebrate the tireless efforts that are making a difference. By understanding the actions that have shaped our past and present, we are better equipped to forge a collective path towards a greener, more sustainable future for Norwich and beyond.