Quest Giver: Nature Connect Team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind

The Nature Connect team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind works to foster a deeper connection between people and nature. They believe that nature is not just a part of the environment; rather, we are an integral part of it!

With a focus on enhancing wellbeing, the team encourages us to spend more time immersed in nature, engaging all our senses for a truly enriching experience.

Feel the Earth Under Your Feet

We want you to go back to basics: what is the most simple way to experience our connection to nature? Find a patch of grass near you: your garden, a local playground, your local park. Shoes off, socks off: put your feet firmly on the ground.

What does it feel like? Does it tickle? Does it feel familiar or very strange? Take a few, slow steps and ask yourself again: is this fun?

Why It’s Important

Feeling the earth under our feet is the most simple way to feel where we belong: our land nourishes us and sustains us, it literally keeps us alive! Spending some time connecting with it in the most natural way can help us think what we can do to protect it. And it is also a lot of fun!