Quest Giver: ReDo Norfolk CIC

ReDo Norfolk CIC are on a mission to rescue things from going to waste.

They organise events and workshops, such as sewing lessons, second-hand clothes sales, and pairing unfinished craft projects with the right people who have time to finish them.

T-Shirt Transformation

Your mission is to give new life to an old t-shirt by turning it into a reusable bag! You don’t need any special sewing skills; this quest is designed for adventurers of all levels!
Before you get started, find an old t-shirt you no longer wear, and a pair of scissors. You might want to ask an adult to help you with them.

a plain t-shirt spread out flat.
  • Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface with the bottom of it facing towards you.
scissors cutting strips from the bottom of the t-shirt
  • Start cutting 2 cm wide strips all along the bottom. Make these 10 cm long. It is not important to be absolutely exact here so just enjoy the process 😊
the strips at the bottom of the t-shirt have been tied together
  • When you have all your strips cut, start tying them together in double knots, 2 at a time, one from the front of the t-shirt, one from the back.
the same t-shirt. The entirely bottom of it has been cut into strips that have been tied together.
  • Continue until all the strips are knotted.
the arms and the neckline of the t-shirt have now been cut
  • Cut the arms and the neckline to create handles.
a hand holding a handbag made from the t-shirt. The handles are the sleeve holes and the bottom is strips tied together.
  • Ready to use!

Why not go fancy? Decorate the bottom by tying in beads or even fabric strips in different colours or tie a bow around the handles.

Why It’s Important

By giving new life to old clothes, we’re reducing waste and keeping things in use for much longer. That means fewer t-shirts ending up in the trash, more value from the work that first made them, and less impact on our precious planet.