Quest Giver: Greenpeace Norwich

Greenpeace Norwich help share global and national environmental campaigns.

Their dedication to protecting our planet is awe-inspiring, and they really care about empowering people to learn about the climate crisis through political action.

Spot a Six-Spot Burnet

Your mission is to explore a historic churchyard near your home and try to snap a picture of a Six-Spot Burnet. These gentle creatures fly during the day and are attracted to many different types of flowers.


Six-spot Burnet on Purple Flower

Why It’s Important

Recognizing nature and the environment in urban spaces is incredibly vital. The many, many church areas of Norwich and its surroundings are perfect places to explore, revealing a wild side of the city you might not have considered before.

These peaceful regions are often overlooked when considering wild spaces, but their rich history and unique landscapes should not be forgotten.