Quest Giver: Food Savvy Norfolk

Throwing away food is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. When we waste food, it’s not just the food we’re wasting, it’s the resources it takes to produce it – like water, land and energy. Food Savvy is here to help people make the most of their food and save money by sharing food storage and meal planning tips as well as recipe ideas.

Use your Loaf

The most wasted food item in UK homes is bread. We waste 20 million slices of bread EVERY DAY.

Think of something to do to use up any leftover bread – whether it’s a tasty toastie, a sweet treat like French toast, or some homemade croutons. Be as Food Savvy as can be!

For inspiration, check out the Food Savvy website, filled with delicious recipe ideas that make the most of your bread and reduce food waste.

A slice of bread incased in an ice cube. It's got googly eyes and thin wavy arms. A speech bubble above it says "This isn't over". The text below says "Did you know? You can freeze bread"

What is stale bread?

Stale bread is a term used to describe bread that has lost its freshness and become dry and hard. It happens when bread is exposed to air for some time. Store-bought sliced bread kept in its bag will go mouldy rather than stale and we really don’t want to eat that!

So, when you want to get Food Savvy with old bread, first check for it mould and, if it’s clear. leave it out of the bag for a few hours to dry and become stale.

Why It’s Important

Did you know that around one third of the food we buy ends up in the bin? This means that the average family throws away around £730 a year.
Making the most of the food we buy not only saves us money but also helps reduce the impact of food waste on climate change. By thinking about our meals carefully, storing food properly, and generally being Food Savvy, we can make a real difference!