Quest Giver: Norfolk Global Neighbours

Norfolk Global Neighbours is all about engaging with important global issues and how we can affect them from right here in Norfolk.

They tackle topics like overseas aid, international development, climate action, and more. Through street stalls, film screenings, fêtes, exhibitions and conversations with local decision makers, they work towards a better future for us and our planet.

Who Represents You

This quest is one of civic engagement – find out who your Member of Parliament (MP) is and learn more about them. Some examples of things you could find out are: whether they have a specific role in parliament, how long they’ve been an MP, what they’re passionate about, and what they’re working on in the local area!

Did you know you can write to your MP? Some handy tips to remember when writing to your MP include:

  • Always include your name and address, so your MP knows you live in the area they represent (this is called their constituency). It’s also important to include them so they can write back to you!
  • Use your own words – your MP will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to write to them and will want to hear what you think.
  • Be polite but also clear – it doesn’t need to be long.
  • Include a question for them or ask them to do something. This could be asking them if they are also concerned about caring for the planet, or it could be asking them what they are doing themselves to protect the environment.

Why It’s Important

Your MP represents you and your concerns in Parliament. Their job is to make sure your voice is heard! It’s important to use our voices to make change and to show MPs that we care.
It’s also important to make sure they’re taking action to protect our environment and the climate, and are caring for all people on our planet, both here and overseas. The government can make a lot of big, important changes and we can ask them to do the right thing and to keep on track.