Quest Giver: Friends of Train Wood and Marriott’s Way

Let’s meet a wonderful group of people who look after one of Norwich’s most unique areas, with its railway remains, woodland, riverbank, and off road trail.

Friends of Train Wood and Marriott’s Way rescued this land 10 years ago when Norfolk County Council were thinking of selling it. Since then, Train Wood has stayed open and accessible to everyone.

Nature’s Touch

You will need: a piece of not-too-thick paper, some wax crayons, and a tree with beautiful textured bark, like the majestic ash.
Hold the paper gently over the textured bark
Using the side of a wax crayon, press firmly and rub it onto the paper
You can also make rubbings from fallen leaves – use
the underside of the leaf, with the veins facing towards the paper.

Why It’s Important

Trees are living beings, some hundreds of years old, who do the important job of making our air breathable and keeping us healthy.
This quest gets us close enough to a tree so we can touch it and feel its texture. What do you think the tree is feeling while helping you create your rubbing?