Quest Giver: Norwich Vegans

Norwich Vegans are here to show us the wonderful world of plant-based foods. They provide information, organise social meet-ups and larger vegans events to reach more people and support local vegan businesses.

Draw Delicious Plants

Are you ready to become a plant explorer? Norwich Vegans challenge you to name 30 different fruits and vegetables and create a collage, drawing or painting of them! Why? Because the more colourful and varied our plant-based diet is, the happier our bodies are.

So, grab your scissors and your magazines, or your crayons and brushes and create a beautiful image of your favourite plant-based foods. Your artwork could be the vibrant red of strawberries, the sunny yellow of corn, the rich green of spinach, and so much more. Get creative and show off your favourite foods!

Why It’s Important

Eating many different plant-based foods is really important. Your gut loves variety, and when your gut is happy, you’re healthy.
And that’s not all! Choosing a vegan diet is like giving a big hug to our planet. Not only does it protect animals from harm, but it also helps fight climate change by using less water and less land to produce the food we eat. So, by learning about and enjoying plant-based foods, you’re making a positive impact on your health and the Earth.