Quest Giver: Belle Jones

Belle Jones is a force of nature herself, on a mission to create fun experiences and adventures that will make us appreciate our connection with the natural world.

As  a Cub Scout Leader, teacher at a local college, manager of a community woodland in north Norfolk, and mum of a ‘not so small’ boy, she infuses joy and excitement into celebrating the beauty of our planet.

Walk Through the Solar System No Rockets Required

Prepare for an interplanetary adventure that needs no rockets – just your imagination and curiosity!

The solar system has been shrunk to a size that can fit into the city of Norwich. From your starting point at the Sun (aka the bin at the Forum), you will zoom to the distant edge of our solar system (aka Norwich’s ring road) stopping off at 5 planets along the way. It’s an epic journey so you may need to employ the use of a bus or bike when you get to the outer edges.

Visit  while you’re still at home or have wifi access to get started. This quest uses the Adventure Lab app and platform developed by the Geocaching team. It will guide you through the process of finding clues and completing the adventure, one location at a time. You’ll need to download the Adventure Lab app and create a free account or use the Geocaching app if you’re a Premium member on there.

Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged and that you’re wearing the right clothes for the weather and head for the Forum.

Why It’s Important

This scale model, accurate in the sizes and distances between the planets makes it clear that Earth is a tiny fragile resource in our universe and we need to take good care of it.