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Miriam Drnakova

Sustainable fashion designer, maker and educator

Miriam helps those who are interested in starting or developing their sewing or pattern-making journey here in Norfolk. She currently offers 1:1 bespoke sewing and pattern making tutorials, all individually designed for a client’s need.

Miriam originally trained as a pattern cutter and garment technologist and later obtained her degree in Fashion from NUA. She has experience of teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as clients with a wide range of abilities and skills. Miriam’s favoured pursuits are re-designing, reworking and re-fashioning existing garments as well as promoting home garment construction whilst making sustainable and eco-friendly choices. This dovetails with her personal journey of increasing sustainability in a domestic setting with an ongoing re-wilding project, flower growing, vegetable growing using heritage varieties, establishing her own orchard and furniture up-cycling.

Get involved

You can contact Miriam and book your bespoke 1:1 sewing or pattern cutting tutorial on www.miriamdrnakova.com . All classes are delivered in her studio in the North Norfolk countryside, in Ingham. You can book a tutorial of any length from 1 hour to a more complex programme; all designed individually to fulfil your needs.

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