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Norfolk Clubhouse

Based on the International Clubhouse Model of positive mental health, being Member led and Member run, we challenge the stigma and systems which prevent people reaching their full potential.

Norfolk Clubhouse is a charity set up in 2019 working with adults 18 and upward living with mental health difficulties and often physical health difficulties to connect socially, develop their skills and abilities and to access positive opportunities for growth including further education, training and employment.

This includes caring for our environment as a whole and taking part in creative activities to achieve this which includes upcycling, recycling, community gardening and litter picking.

We have Hubs in Watton, Thorpe Hamlet and Norwich City. Through a coaching approach we build confidence, growth and skills.

Get involved

Anyone wishing to find out more can contact June Webb on info@norfolk-clubhouse.org or leave a text on 07935072726. June will contact the person for an informal chat. Membership is free for life. Similarly if anyone wishes to volunteer as a Trustee please contact June.