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Norwich Quaker Meeting

Quakers have been meeting in Norwich since the 1670s.

We are a faith group, committed to working together for equality, integrity, simplicity and peace.  We see the environmental crisis as a situation that challenges all these commitments. We share our city centre Meeting House with many community and voluntary groups, who value our convenient location, accessibility and affordable hire rates.

We believe strongly in acting on the science that shows the need to speed up and scale up the solutions to the current climate and biodiversity crisis. We also believe that those countries which are damaging the environment most should compensate for the loss and damage that they have caused and that extreme inequality and environmental destruction are both caused by an economic system founded on exploitation of people and of the earth.

Quakers in Britain are working to challenge this system and advocate for economic values rooted in equality, justice and sustainability, and actively promoted the loss and damage agenda at CoP26.

Norwich Quakers are active in environmental issues, participating in   environmental and social justice campaigns. Examples of our activities are: organising a pilgrimage to COP 26 and a public meeting following COP 26; participating in demonstrations about the proposed Wensum link road and offering our Meeting House for the Wensum link campaign fundraising efforts. We have joined as a group in Extinction rebellion demonstrations. We are also members of the Norfolk Interfaith Environmental Group.

Quakers meet on Sundays at 10.45 and Wednesdays at 12.30 and all are welcome. We start in silence and share our inspirations and concerns as we feel led.

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