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In-person workshops investigate, through research, and represent, through artivist creative practice, the planetary boundaries and UN sustainable development goals:

  1. researching issues around well being, human rights and an environmentally sustainable future
  2. starting a conversation about respecting each other and the planet and what they think that means
  3. transforming mindsets by acquiring ‘green skills’ including:
    – innovative/future thinking
    – political agency/activism
    – environmental awareness
    – valuing traditional and indigenous knowledge of the local community/region/planet
    – community building/collaboration
    – coping with eco-anxiety/uncertainty
    – creativity/artivism
    – resilience/strategic thinking
  4. creating Planetary Partners playing cards celebrating inspiring Planetary Partners chosen by the participants (including themselves, family, friends, colleagues, local and global organisations and individuals), promoting positive action, a feeling of hope and community collaboration locally and globally.

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Emma Skeet set up and runs
Share Your Story Through Arts: Science + Creativity Interdisciplinary Communication Artivism
Go to website for more information and contact Emma for resources and workshops (in person and online) where participants explore what is the story they want to share through arts and science. Join the SYSTA PAC and become a Positive Agent of Change, using the arts and science to inspire a better world.

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