We recently held a successful meeting about securing a shared premises in Norwich with lots of interested parties attending to discuss what might be possible and what their requirements were, we also subsequently carried out a survey to ascertain priorities and what skills we have available.

A steering group has been set up and we are working on a document to present the vision for the shared space and within this we would like to include a list of those charities, CICs, community groups & others that are interested to strengthen our case both to potential landlords and the council. We are hoping to use a property agent that specialises in securing premises for charities and similar.

If you did not make the meeting or have otherwise expressed your interest but would potentially like to be involved in having space under one roof with other groups then please do contact us to let us know your details.

We would be grateful if you could provide the following information:

· Full name and status of group (CIC, CIO etc)

· If you are happy to be named on our list as an interested party

· Whether you need an open door within the space

· Approx. space needed (sq ft)

· What, if any, your budget is for space

Please note only the organisation name would be published the other information is for our guidance only. We are looking to secure a meanwhile or low cost lease and benefit from discretionary rates relief.

If you would like to join the conversation on Slack, email info@norwichecohub.co.uk for an invitation.

As ever there is no pressure to commit to anything but this is an exciting opportunity to move forward with re-purposing a space for community use in Norwich and we would love to hear from you!