Quest 8: Bees and Blooms

Quest Giver: Friends of Waterloo Park Friends of Waterloo Park are a group of local residents who have come together to enhance the beautiful and historic Waterloo Park and to

Quest 7: The Rubbish Challenge

Quest Giver: Girlguiding Norwich Division Girlguiding Norwich Division, knows how important it is to create a sustainable future for young people. They promote recycling, using sustainable packaging, and increasing energy

Quest 6: Eco-Scavenger Hunt

Quest Giver: Climate Museum UK Climate Museum UK is an experimental museum that curates and gathers responses to the Earth crisis. A collective of creatives from across the UK, with

Quest 5: Feel the Earth Under Your Feet

Quest Giver: Nature Connect Team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind The Nature Connect team at Norfolk and Waveney Mind works to foster a deeper connection between people and nature. They

Quest 4: Letters to Tomorrow

Quest Giver: Norwich Friends of the Earth This is our friendly local branch of national group Friends of the Earth. They are dedicated to protecting and sustaining the natural environment

Quest 3: Use your Loaf

Quest Giver: Food Savvy Norfolk Throwing away food is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. When we waste food, it’s not just the food we’re wasting, it’s the

Quest 2: Spot a Six-Spot Burnet

Quest Giver: Greenpeace Norwich Greenpeace Norwich help share global and national environmental campaigns. Their dedication to protecting our planet is awe-inspiring, and they really care about empowering people to learn

Quest 1: T-shirt Transformation

Quest Giver: ReDo Norfolk CIC ReDo Norfolk CIC are on a mission to rescue things from going to waste. They organise events and workshops, such as sewing lessons, second-hand clothes
Norfolk’s Healthy Environment Day 10 June

Norfolk’s Healthy Environment Day 10 June

We’re gearing up for Norwich’s largest one-day celebration of the work of local organisations to protect and enhance the natural world! On June 10th, we’ll be outside St Peter Mancroft